28 December 2008

ER visit

So, Annalia has not had the most wonderful trip to California so far.  Upon arriving at Nathan and Angi's house Monday night (after a full day of traveling, very well I might add) she was acting kind of funny.  Then I picked her up, and she threw-up all over me.  We thought it was just some bad chicken nuggets.  But when we started driving to the home we were staying at, she kept throwing up.  She continued to have episodes until midnight.  The next day, we thought she was feeling better, but she had a couple episodes on the way to Sea World.  She again, had a couple episodes on the way home.  By Wednesday morning, her stomach wouldn't hold anything.  Food was coming up almost immediately after she ate it.  We contacted our insurance, and they said they do not cover California (so much for a PPO), but they would cover emergency care.  So, we took her to the ER (quite possibly the best ER experience ever).  There was no one ahead of us, and we were seen immediately. (although it didn't start out that great when they insisted she have her temp taken rectally)  
 decided to give her an IV to get fluids in her.  Of course, though, because she was dehydrated, it was not easy.  The (not so perfectly nice) nurse started poking her, she thought she got it, but the IV blew, and they had to start again.  The same nurse tried again, and Annalia was not very happy. (She kept saying "they're sticking me again, they're sticking me again!")  When it didn't work, they called in an IV tech, who was much better with kids.  She tried once, and we were all exhausted after it still didn't go.  Finally, on the 4th try, she got it.  While they drew blood, my poor girl was held down, as we all told her it was all done and no more needles.  But she had had it.  She tensed up, looked the nurse in the eyes and said with all the authority of a 2-year-old "THAT"S ENOUGH!"  
Once the IV was running, we could see the color return to her face.  She fell into a shallow sleep, and we were released a couple hours later.  We even made it back for Christmas Eve dinner.  
However, right after dinner, Justin and I started vomiting.  We were both so violently sick, that Angi drove us home, and helped us get ready for bed.  Shortly after she left, Naomi started vomiting.  I knew there was no way I could take care of her (I could barely move my stomach was in such sharp pain.) so I called my mom, and she came over and nursed us through the night as Justin, Naomi and I were continually sick.  Finally, by morning, we were all feeling much better.  Annalia has had one episode for the past couple nights, but she is acting like herself during the day.  We are praying that tonight (6 days later) will be the first night without being sick.

09 December 2008

Naomi is 6 months old.

Just wanted to post an updated picture of Naomi.  She is 6 months old now, and just a doll.  Reaching for everything, playing with her sister, saying "dadada, and baba."  I will try to get some more updated pictures of the 2 of them.  Man, they grow up so fast.

04 November 2008


So, Annalia loves to paint, and most of all, all over herself.  This is her bath outside after covering herself with sidewalk paint.
Then we come inside and she wants to paint with watercolors.  She was in her pj's so I took off her shirt so she wouldn't get the sleeved all painted.  I turn around, and she looked like this.
So, after that, she needed to be washed off again.  And since she is obsessed with the new shower downstairs, she asked to wash off in there.  And she wanted to be by herself. So, at 2 years old, she has taken her first solo shower.  She did a pretty good job.  I didn't have her wash her hair, but she did use the washcloth to get all the paint off.

01 November 2008

A Day at the Farm

Yeah, so I know I am behind, this really happened a couple weeks ago.  
We had a great time at Sunrise farms.  Annalia was so excited to go to the Pumpkin Patch, and as soon as she saw the pumpkins on the ground, she somehow knew exactly what she was supposed to do.  She ran over and picked out the perfect pumpkin.  (Which She and Justin carved last night)
They had a cute hay-bale maze for the kids.  I didn't think she would understand what she was supposed to do, but after once through, she just kept coming back to the beginning and going again.  
This is our friend MJ on top of the hay-bale maze.  But if you look in the back, you will see little Anna figuring out how to solve the whole "dead-end" problem.
We went with the MOPS group, and Andrea had her stroller.  For the first hour, Annalia pretended to be scared of the animals, and wanted to ride in the stroller.  Then we figured out that she was just cold.  All us moms were taken by surprise at the temp that day.  I am sure we all went home and finally pulled out the winter clothes!

10 October 2008

A la Playa

One of Annalia's favorite books is Dora at the beach.  She loves the sand and the water.  This girl has no fear.  She would have walked right out into the bay if I let her.  Instead, she had to live vicariously through Elmo.  As she was able to toss him into the waves, and he always came back to her (except that one time Mommy had to wade out to retrieve him.)

03 October 2008

Ode to my Children

I was convicted recently that I, as a parent, need to make sure that I share the blessings of parenting.  (Not just the "poop in the hair" or the "she ate a cricket" stories, and good as they are).  A friend recently mentioned that Justin and I have convinced him not to have kids yet, with our night-time tales, and the crazy things that kids do.  (Don't get me wrong, I know he loves my kids, he showed up with an Elmo couch for Annalia one day, just because.)  So, I wanted to share some of the beautiful stories.

  • I had a really bad day, where everything I tried to do seemed to fail.  I was sitting down with Annalia, feeling sorry for myself, and I asked her "Can you say, 'Mommy's a failure?"  She looked me straight in the face and said, "No Mommy, I can't say that."  Then she held me as I cried tears of joy.
  • Most mornings, Naomi wakes up happy, and when I come in, she is cooing, playing with her hands, and just all together beautiful.  When I walk into her line of vision, her eyes meet mine, they light up and her face breaks out into the biggest smile.  My heart just melts.
  • The other day, as I was nursing Naomi, Annalia was, ever so gently, rocking Ernie to sleep.  While holding his head, she used her whole body to gently lay him into Naomi's Moses Basket.  When I said I need to put Naomi to sleep, she calmly informed me that Ernie was sleeping there and Naomi would have to find another place to sleep.  Eventually, she was able  to agree to a co-sleeping arrangement.  She is such a good little mommy.
  • For the past couple weeks, everytime Justin comes home, she runs into his arms and says "Mommy AND Daddy are home now!"
I will have to share more later.  I promised the cutie we would play with sidewalk chalk today. 

01 October 2008

Annalia turns 2!

Annalia turned 2, on September 12, 2008.  We threw a small party for the cute one, and me, who has always hated theme parties, went crazy creating a Super Why party.  Princess Pea cake, Super Why invitations, and a full Super Why story game where the kids had to find Super Letters all over the house.  I must say, it was worth it.  Annalia thought it was a ton of fun.   

My first attempt with fondant.  I made her a Princess Pea cake.  And it must have looked something like her, because Annalia announced "It's Princess Pea" as soon as she saw it.
A little love for Naomi.  Ella and Anna giving her a kiss.
Last year, she was more about the wrapping paper.  But this year, she knew how presents work, and she was all about what was inside.  As soon as she would get the toy out, she would hand it off to Justin  saying "Could you open this please?"  The politeness started to wane as the evening went on.
I asked her what flavor of cake she wanted, and of course, it was chocolate.  She is Karlene's daughter after all.
Naomi had a good time too.  Here she is making a face at Becky.
She loved her Princess tent.  Of course, she thinks it has something to do with Princess Pea. . . oh well.

03 September 2008

A little Sunday Afternoon Ball

Nana and Naomi.  Isn't she getting big?  
I don't know if you can tell, but she is smiling like crazy at Uncle Patrick, and soon-to-be Aunt Nicole.

She insisted on pulling Patrick in the wagon.

Daddy and Uncle Patrick trying to show Anna how to hit the ball correctly.
Oh well, so what if she hits it backwards.  She is having a great time.

24 August 2008

Song for Ethan

So, Annalia wants to sing a song for her new little cousin Ethan.  I hope he likes it:)  Notice halfway through she gets quiet?  That is because the screen on the laptop went dim, and notice how she knows how to fix it.  Man, kids are way too computer savvy.

05 August 2008

Movin' up

Dude, what is up with this?  I knew that when Naomi came home I was going to have share some things, like my toys, and Mommy and Daddy.  But this is the last straw, they decided to give away my crib!  Lucky for them, I have decided not to make a fuss.  See, when I was in NC, I noticed that Logan sleeps in a big boy bed.  And I also learned that most of my friends sleep in big beds.  Well, you know me, little miss social butterfly, I've got to be like my buddies.  So, last night I slept in my BIG GIRL BED.  I needed Mommy to stay a little bit longer than normal (hey, this is scary stuff!)  but eventually I let her return to Bible Study, and I happily fell asleep (sideways) on my bed.

Although I can get down on my own, we are still working on getting up.  I am kind of a short kid (the doctors say I rank somewhere in the bottom 10 percent for my age).  But I know I can do it.

01 August 2008

Time in North Carolina

The Hibbard family just got back from North Carolina, visiting good friends Corey, Meghan, and Logan.  We all had a great time, going to the pool, story time at the mall, a kid's carnival, and a little zoo.  Not to mention tons of playing for the kids (and by kids we mean Justin and Corey's time with the play station.)  With all the fun, both Daddy and Daughter needed some down time.  We drove home last night, and , thank the Lord, both girls slept all the way (for the most part.)

One afternoon was spent at a small zoo where we road a train, and a carousal (Anna was pretty scared at first, but was begging to go back on by the end.)  It was a hot day, so lucky Daddy got to carry his little girl on the shoulders.  As you can see, Anna loves her Daddy.

Although Justin did most of the soaking, Anna and Logan got a couple dunks in themselves.

Annalia, Naomi, and Logan had a great time playing together.  Naomi watched while Logan and Anna ran around, played with all sorts of toys, and tag-teamed saying their alphabet.  The cutest was at the lunch table while Annalia would make an animal noise and Logan would have to guess what animal she was saying.

Logan enjoyed Justin hanging out with him.  As the Mommy's relaxed at the side of the pool, Justin was dragged around the pool by both kiddies playing, getting wet, and having fun.

We had a great time floating around at the pool in Logan's community.  Annalia doesn't get to go swimming as much as her Mommy would like, but she took to water like a fish, and both parents were proud!

26 July 2008

up the slide - FINALLY

So, we have this little playground thing a neighbor gave to us.  And by little, I mean tiny.  Something any small child should not be afraid of.  That is, except for scardy-pants Annalia.  For the longest time, she would not climb up the ramp, or go down the slide on her own.  But apparently, now that she has a little sister, Anna is all of the sudden a big girl.  

Then she climbs up the ramp in back (note, all by herself), not that it is tall or anything.  The top of the slide comes up to below her chest (note, hers, not mine)

Then, she has to stop and drive the bus (while singing "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round).

Look, she can even stop herself in the middle of the slide.  Now she is just showing off.  

24 July 2008

Photo shoot

So, thank goodness for digital cameras.  Over 60 pictures, and barely a good one in the bunch.  Now if only I could get my 2 year old to look at the camera instead of wanting to take all the pictures herself.

21 July 2008

Gram & Grandpa come

Even though the main drive for the quick (48 hour) trip was to meet little Naomi, Gram and Grandpa made Annalia's weekend.  

And Gram and Grandpa got a kick out of our little Diva, with her sun glasses, "pearls" and purse.
We had a great time at KinderFarms.  Annalia loved looking at the animals, but was a little cautious when it came to touching them, as you can tell by the death grip she has on Justin's arms.  And do you see Grandpa?  He is picking grass to feed the chickens.  Good think Anna can't read the signs yet that say "Don't feed the animals."
Grandpa had a great time with his grandaughters.  Annalia loved  that he would swing with her.  Of course, with Grandpa swinging, and Daddy taking the picture, she was at a loss for anyone to push her.