09 June 2009

Happy Birthday, My Naomi

Dearest Naomi,
You turn 1 today, and it 
has been a bit emotional for me.  Excitement as I prepare to celebrate, ennui as I think of how fast the year has gone, and a little guilt for how little I have documented this first year of life for 
you.  Believe me daughter, it hasn't been for a lack of things to say, for you are always learning and doing something new.  So today, I wanted to return to the blog, and tell you just what this past year has meant for me.
When we brought you home from the hospital, I was amazed at how perfectly and immediately you fit into our family.  Those first peaceful days were dreamy and wonderful, and honestly, I feel as if they never ended.  You have grown into this beautiful, sweet child that brings a peace to the whole household. 
I have fallen in love with you, my little Naomi.  I have watched your personality develop this past year.  I can tell already that you have a gentle spirit.  But not in that "wall-flower" type way.  You are so playful and always ready to have fun. You smile does something to my heart - it just makes me feel good.  

I am sitting here, and thinking about why we chose your name.  And I am so glad it fits.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked the meaning of
 Naomi for you.  Naomi is a Hebrew name, meaning "Pleasant."  I almost thought it was too boring, or too plain of a meaning.  But as I get to know you, I see what a blessing that quality is.  You have this amazing ability to calm my spirit, and I pray that quality will continue to develop as you grow into the woman God will have you be.  You middle name is Abri, a French word for "shelter." I know, it seems kind of weird and meaningless, but I promise it is not.  L'Abri is an organization, begun by Francis Shaeffer, offering a physical and emotional refuge for Christians in Europe.  Your Daddy and I wonder if your gentle spirit will manifest in your life in a similar way.  Perhaps friends will find in you a supernatural comfort; a Pleasant Shelter.
Well NayNay, it has been an awesome year with you.  I really have loved every moment. You are such an amazing person already (and you can't even talk yet!)  I look forward
 to watching you grow, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  You have won my heart, mi Noemi.