24 August 2008

Song for Ethan

So, Annalia wants to sing a song for her new little cousin Ethan.  I hope he likes it:)  Notice halfway through she gets quiet?  That is because the screen on the laptop went dim, and notice how she knows how to fix it.  Man, kids are way too computer savvy.

05 August 2008

Movin' up

Dude, what is up with this?  I knew that when Naomi came home I was going to have share some things, like my toys, and Mommy and Daddy.  But this is the last straw, they decided to give away my crib!  Lucky for them, I have decided not to make a fuss.  See, when I was in NC, I noticed that Logan sleeps in a big boy bed.  And I also learned that most of my friends sleep in big beds.  Well, you know me, little miss social butterfly, I've got to be like my buddies.  So, last night I slept in my BIG GIRL BED.  I needed Mommy to stay a little bit longer than normal (hey, this is scary stuff!)  but eventually I let her return to Bible Study, and I happily fell asleep (sideways) on my bed.

Although I can get down on my own, we are still working on getting up.  I am kind of a short kid (the doctors say I rank somewhere in the bottom 10 percent for my age).  But I know I can do it.

01 August 2008

Time in North Carolina

The Hibbard family just got back from North Carolina, visiting good friends Corey, Meghan, and Logan.  We all had a great time, going to the pool, story time at the mall, a kid's carnival, and a little zoo.  Not to mention tons of playing for the kids (and by kids we mean Justin and Corey's time with the play station.)  With all the fun, both Daddy and Daughter needed some down time.  We drove home last night, and , thank the Lord, both girls slept all the way (for the most part.)

One afternoon was spent at a small zoo where we road a train, and a carousal (Anna was pretty scared at first, but was begging to go back on by the end.)  It was a hot day, so lucky Daddy got to carry his little girl on the shoulders.  As you can see, Anna loves her Daddy.

Although Justin did most of the soaking, Anna and Logan got a couple dunks in themselves.

Annalia, Naomi, and Logan had a great time playing together.  Naomi watched while Logan and Anna ran around, played with all sorts of toys, and tag-teamed saying their alphabet.  The cutest was at the lunch table while Annalia would make an animal noise and Logan would have to guess what animal she was saying.

Logan enjoyed Justin hanging out with him.  As the Mommy's relaxed at the side of the pool, Justin was dragged around the pool by both kiddies playing, getting wet, and having fun.

We had a great time floating around at the pool in Logan's community.  Annalia doesn't get to go swimming as much as her Mommy would like, but she took to water like a fish, and both parents were proud!