05 August 2008

Movin' up

Dude, what is up with this?  I knew that when Naomi came home I was going to have share some things, like my toys, and Mommy and Daddy.  But this is the last straw, they decided to give away my crib!  Lucky for them, I have decided not to make a fuss.  See, when I was in NC, I noticed that Logan sleeps in a big boy bed.  And I also learned that most of my friends sleep in big beds.  Well, you know me, little miss social butterfly, I've got to be like my buddies.  So, last night I slept in my BIG GIRL BED.  I needed Mommy to stay a little bit longer than normal (hey, this is scary stuff!)  but eventually I let her return to Bible Study, and I happily fell asleep (sideways) on my bed.

Although I can get down on my own, we are still working on getting up.  I am kind of a short kid (the doctors say I rank somewhere in the bottom 10 percent for my age).  But I know I can do it.

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