26 July 2008

up the slide - FINALLY

So, we have this little playground thing a neighbor gave to us.  And by little, I mean tiny.  Something any small child should not be afraid of.  That is, except for scardy-pants Annalia.  For the longest time, she would not climb up the ramp, or go down the slide on her own.  But apparently, now that she has a little sister, Anna is all of the sudden a big girl.  

Then she climbs up the ramp in back (note, all by herself), not that it is tall or anything.  The top of the slide comes up to below her chest (note, hers, not mine)

Then, she has to stop and drive the bus (while singing "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round).

Look, she can even stop herself in the middle of the slide.  Now she is just showing off.  

24 July 2008

Photo shoot

So, thank goodness for digital cameras.  Over 60 pictures, and barely a good one in the bunch.  Now if only I could get my 2 year old to look at the camera instead of wanting to take all the pictures herself.

21 July 2008

Gram & Grandpa come

Even though the main drive for the quick (48 hour) trip was to meet little Naomi, Gram and Grandpa made Annalia's weekend.  

And Gram and Grandpa got a kick out of our little Diva, with her sun glasses, "pearls" and purse.
We had a great time at KinderFarms.  Annalia loved looking at the animals, but was a little cautious when it came to touching them, as you can tell by the death grip she has on Justin's arms.  And do you see Grandpa?  He is picking grass to feed the chickens.  Good think Anna can't read the signs yet that say "Don't feed the animals."
Grandpa had a great time with his grandaughters.  Annalia loved  that he would swing with her.  Of course, with Grandpa swinging, and Daddy taking the picture, she was at a loss for anyone to push her.

10 July 2008

Mommy in training

Annalia has taken to her new sister very well.  She loves her, hugs her, can't get enough of her.  (we will ignore the fact that she bit her foot this morning, I think she was just curious to see what would happen.  Needless to say, Naomi did not like that wake-up call).  

However, with the new baby, comes baby things, and Annalia has become quite the mother to her little Elmo.  She insists on giving him a bath often.  Although, I don't think washing him in Aslan's drinking water should count as "clean".  She also gives him "leche".  And she is a modest girl while she nurses, insisting there is a blanket to cover up with.  And she loves to carry him around in the sling.  After many times of fitting Mommy's big ring sling around her, we made her a small one, just for Elmo and Mommy Annalia.