04 November 2008


So, Annalia loves to paint, and most of all, all over herself.  This is her bath outside after covering herself with sidewalk paint.
Then we come inside and she wants to paint with watercolors.  She was in her pj's so I took off her shirt so she wouldn't get the sleeved all painted.  I turn around, and she looked like this.
So, after that, she needed to be washed off again.  And since she is obsessed with the new shower downstairs, she asked to wash off in there.  And she wanted to be by herself. So, at 2 years old, she has taken her first solo shower.  She did a pretty good job.  I didn't have her wash her hair, but she did use the washcloth to get all the paint off.

01 November 2008

A Day at the Farm

Yeah, so I know I am behind, this really happened a couple weeks ago.  
We had a great time at Sunrise farms.  Annalia was so excited to go to the Pumpkin Patch, and as soon as she saw the pumpkins on the ground, she somehow knew exactly what she was supposed to do.  She ran over and picked out the perfect pumpkin.  (Which She and Justin carved last night)
They had a cute hay-bale maze for the kids.  I didn't think she would understand what she was supposed to do, but after once through, she just kept coming back to the beginning and going again.  
This is our friend MJ on top of the hay-bale maze.  But if you look in the back, you will see little Anna figuring out how to solve the whole "dead-end" problem.
We went with the MOPS group, and Andrea had her stroller.  For the first hour, Annalia pretended to be scared of the animals, and wanted to ride in the stroller.  Then we figured out that she was just cold.  All us moms were taken by surprise at the temp that day.  I am sure we all went home and finally pulled out the winter clothes!