21 July 2008

Gram & Grandpa come

Even though the main drive for the quick (48 hour) trip was to meet little Naomi, Gram and Grandpa made Annalia's weekend.  

And Gram and Grandpa got a kick out of our little Diva, with her sun glasses, "pearls" and purse.
We had a great time at KinderFarms.  Annalia loved looking at the animals, but was a little cautious when it came to touching them, as you can tell by the death grip she has on Justin's arms.  And do you see Grandpa?  He is picking grass to feed the chickens.  Good think Anna can't read the signs yet that say "Don't feed the animals."
Grandpa had a great time with his grandaughters.  Annalia loved  that he would swing with her.  Of course, with Grandpa swinging, and Daddy taking the picture, she was at a loss for anyone to push her.


aroy17 said...

Glad to hear everyone had a good time. Love it! We're looking forward to Gram and Grandpa's trip out here in Sept.

Karis said...

Aweeee... hahahahaha, I *LOVE* her farm outfit! What a fashonista!!!! These pictures are priceless!!!!