26 July 2008

up the slide - FINALLY

So, we have this little playground thing a neighbor gave to us.  And by little, I mean tiny.  Something any small child should not be afraid of.  That is, except for scardy-pants Annalia.  For the longest time, she would not climb up the ramp, or go down the slide on her own.  But apparently, now that she has a little sister, Anna is all of the sudden a big girl.  

Then she climbs up the ramp in back (note, all by herself), not that it is tall or anything.  The top of the slide comes up to below her chest (note, hers, not mine)

Then, she has to stop and drive the bus (while singing "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round).

Look, she can even stop herself in the middle of the slide.  Now she is just showing off.  


aroy17 said...

Cute! Good for her. What she lacks in motor skills, she makes up for in language skills. So as far as the rag goes, is it a new rag every time? Because if not, you should probably teach her about cross contamination.

Hibbard Family said...

Angi, you are such a nurse. Actually, I am sure you can see just how unclean that rag is. It definitely is not a new one each time. But is it cross contamination if you are using the rag for the same thing each time?