01 October 2008

Annalia turns 2!

Annalia turned 2, on September 12, 2008.  We threw a small party for the cute one, and me, who has always hated theme parties, went crazy creating a Super Why party.  Princess Pea cake, Super Why invitations, and a full Super Why story game where the kids had to find Super Letters all over the house.  I must say, it was worth it.  Annalia thought it was a ton of fun.   

My first attempt with fondant.  I made her a Princess Pea cake.  And it must have looked something like her, because Annalia announced "It's Princess Pea" as soon as she saw it.
A little love for Naomi.  Ella and Anna giving her a kiss.
Last year, she was more about the wrapping paper.  But this year, she knew how presents work, and she was all about what was inside.  As soon as she would get the toy out, she would hand it off to Justin  saying "Could you open this please?"  The politeness started to wane as the evening went on.
I asked her what flavor of cake she wanted, and of course, it was chocolate.  She is Karlene's daughter after all.
Naomi had a good time too.  Here she is making a face at Becky.
She loved her Princess tent.  Of course, she thinks it has something to do with Princess Pea. . . oh well.


Karis said...

Awe, what beautiful pictures! And way to go with that fondant... work it! I see so much of Karlene in Annalía in the last picture!!!!

Happy Birthday Annalía!

The Mazza Munchkins said...

We have been waiting for these pictures. Wished we could have been there.

aroy17 said...

What a fun little party. Wish we could have been there.

Miriam said...

You are totally Super Mom. Fondat? Are you kidding me? Dude. My kids lives are going to suck compared to yours! Naomi's face she was making is SUPER CUTE!!!

Micah Preston said...

I agree with Miriam! Glad Micah can't see how cool you are with fondant and themed parties. =) Thanks for the pics. I was going through hibbskids withdrawals. Tabatha gave me a hard time about being the blog police. ha! LOVES!

Mici said...

You know what I just noticed, Annalia reminds me of the little girl who played Toni in Andre (the movie about the seal). She's so cute.