03 September 2008

A little Sunday Afternoon Ball

Nana and Naomi.  Isn't she getting big?  
I don't know if you can tell, but she is smiling like crazy at Uncle Patrick, and soon-to-be Aunt Nicole.

She insisted on pulling Patrick in the wagon.

Daddy and Uncle Patrick trying to show Anna how to hit the ball correctly.
Oh well, so what if she hits it backwards.  She is having a great time.


aroy17 said...

Loving the updates. You're better than I. I love how Annalia sticks out her tongue when she's really concentrating on something. Naomi is getting big. So is Ethan. He has a dr. appt on Monday and I'm curious to know how much he weighs. He's out of newborn diapers and his take home outfit doesn't fit.

Mici said...

She's not really hitting the ball backward if the outfielders would stand in the direction she was hitting the ball.