28 December 2008

ER visit

So, Annalia has not had the most wonderful trip to California so far.  Upon arriving at Nathan and Angi's house Monday night (after a full day of traveling, very well I might add) she was acting kind of funny.  Then I picked her up, and she threw-up all over me.  We thought it was just some bad chicken nuggets.  But when we started driving to the home we were staying at, she kept throwing up.  She continued to have episodes until midnight.  The next day, we thought she was feeling better, but she had a couple episodes on the way to Sea World.  She again, had a couple episodes on the way home.  By Wednesday morning, her stomach wouldn't hold anything.  Food was coming up almost immediately after she ate it.  We contacted our insurance, and they said they do not cover California (so much for a PPO), but they would cover emergency care.  So, we took her to the ER (quite possibly the best ER experience ever).  There was no one ahead of us, and we were seen immediately. (although it didn't start out that great when they insisted she have her temp taken rectally)  
 decided to give her an IV to get fluids in her.  Of course, though, because she was dehydrated, it was not easy.  The (not so perfectly nice) nurse started poking her, she thought she got it, but the IV blew, and they had to start again.  The same nurse tried again, and Annalia was not very happy. (She kept saying "they're sticking me again, they're sticking me again!")  When it didn't work, they called in an IV tech, who was much better with kids.  She tried once, and we were all exhausted after it still didn't go.  Finally, on the 4th try, she got it.  While they drew blood, my poor girl was held down, as we all told her it was all done and no more needles.  But she had had it.  She tensed up, looked the nurse in the eyes and said with all the authority of a 2-year-old "THAT"S ENOUGH!"  
Once the IV was running, we could see the color return to her face.  She fell into a shallow sleep, and we were released a couple hours later.  We even made it back for Christmas Eve dinner.  
However, right after dinner, Justin and I started vomiting.  We were both so violently sick, that Angi drove us home, and helped us get ready for bed.  Shortly after she left, Naomi started vomiting.  I knew there was no way I could take care of her (I could barely move my stomach was in such sharp pain.) so I called my mom, and she came over and nursed us through the night as Justin, Naomi and I were continually sick.  Finally, by morning, we were all feeling much better.  Annalia has had one episode for the past couple nights, but she is acting like herself during the day.  We are praying that tonight (6 days later) will be the first night without being sick.


Paul & Heather Miller said...

MY GOODNESS!!! I hope you all feel better very soon. Travel home safely.

david kim and anthony said...

They really look like there mom a lot. I hope all ur health gets better and u all just keep doing ok. Say hi 2 everyone 4 me! David Graffius. U can check out my family on our blog.