20 June 2008

Naomi adjusts to life at home

It's been a busy week for us all, and Naomi seems to be taking it all in. Besides having a new baby, Justin's been building a deck (and didn't anticipate the baby coming 2 weeks early). However, it's just about complete... thanks to Annalía's construction skill (yes, we're not above sweat shop labor).

After a long, hard day, Annalía curls up with Naomi for a little R&R on the front lawn.

And after being outside all day, we give Naomi her first bath at home, and besides Annalía sort of giving her an immersion form of infant baptism, everything went great!

Naomi sure is loving her big sister and adjusting to life at our home!


pethtelfamily said...

you do realize that Annalia will tell everyone that she built that deck and daddy didn't do anything, right? Xavier still tells people he built Grandma's closet when he was only 1.Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Babies are awesome.

The Mazza's Munchkins said...

There is no question that they are sisters. They do look alike don't they. Can't wait to meet her!!

Micah Preston said...

To VERY cute girls! Those pics are absolutely precious!