10 June 2008

Introducing Naomi Abri

Weighing in at 6lbs, 12 oz
Measuring 18 inches long (or tall, however you prefer)
And coming in 2 weeks early, June 9th, 2008 at 10:06 AM
Naomi Abri Hibbard

Naomi's Birthday Story
Karlene started having contractions around midnight, Monday morning.  However, like all mom's who have been through it before, she remembered the week of false contractions leading up to Annalia's birth.  So, she didn't get too excited, but tried to get rest anyway, just in case it was the real deal.  The contractions didn't let up, so she spent some time in the tub and shower.  All the while, letting Justin sleep so he could be well resting (if it was the real deal).  As the night wore on, the contractions didn't let up, however, they also didn't get consistently stronger and closer together.  (A sign of "real" labor, not false)  Around 6:30, (when Annalia woke up) we thought we would go to the hospital.  Although, Karlene still wasn't sure.  She was remembering her previous labor, and how by 5 cm, contractions were unbearably strong. (Keep in mind, Annalia was a back labor baby, and although Karlene had heard that back labor was supposed to be more intense than a typical labor, she didn't realize it was that much so).  And although these contractions were pretty intense, they were nothing like she remembered.  So she thought she couldn't be that far along.  Then they slowed down to about 8 minutes apart, so we decided to take a little nap (in between contractions of course).  Finally, at 9am, we left for the hospital.  We arrived at 9:31, where the nurse told me, "All right, it looks like we are going to have a baby, because you are already 8cm."  They moved us into the delivery room, and the nurses rushed around to get everything ready.  After 2 contractions, Karlene was begging to push.  After 2 of those contractions, they let her.  And 2 more contractions later, Naomi  was born, a mere 35 minutes after arriving at the hospital.  The entire time, Justin was awesome, so encouraging, just an old pro, knowing exactly what to do.  Although we wouldn't ever want this, Karlene is confident that if we wouldn't have made it, she would have been in great hands!
It was amazing!  Karlene never knew you could feel so incredibly normal after labor.  With the absence of an epidural, hemmheraging, and a 3rd degree tear, She felt wonderful, almost immediately after Naomi came out.  The entire post-partum experience was unreal.  The most uncomfortable part was the hep-lock left in my arm until the risk of bleeding was gone.

Annalia was able to come in the next couple hours and meet her baby sister.  It was adorable as she pointed out the nose, and mouth, and eyes, asking to hold her.  It was beautiful.

The family is now home, and recovering well.  At the moment, Daddy and Anna are taking a well needed nap, while Mommy nurses her new little one, and yes, will then take a nap with the rest of them.  Thanks all for your prayers.  We know that is what got us through.


Karis said...

OH what a WONDERFUL STORY!!!! I'm so happy and thankful to hear that it went so well :). Praise God! Enjoy your MUCH DESERVED nap you Hibbards :).

Karis :)

mccrayfam said...

Congratulations!! What a wonderful story. So glad to hear all went so well and little Naomi looks beautiful! She is such a special girl knowing how much the McCray family wanted to meet her before they left the country. See you soon little one.
Love Melissa, Tony, Jaylan and Kyah

Mici said...

She is a very dark baby. Nice olive skin. She doesn't look very red which is a good thing. Annalia looks very happy to be a big sister. Although you forgot to mention that it was also Elyssa's birthday yesterday as well. So now I have two nieces with the same birthday.

Frankie, Marianna and Reyna said...

Hey Annalia,
Well you are a big sister, huh? It is a big job, but a fun one. I love to help Mommy burp Reyna, but you have to remeber to just pt, not pound on her back. Can't wait to meet your baby sister, and to get to play with you.

Micah Preston said...

What a precious family photo in the hospital! Congrats!! She's beautiful!

Paul & Heather Miller said...

Well done Karlene! Congratulations to you all. Naomi is a beauty. I love the name. Rest well. -Heather

sarah said...

Karlene, how do you look so pretty and put together after just giving birth? You're such a pro! I'm glad I got to see you pregnant. You're a great mom (and dad) and I've been bragging to my friends in Richmond about you two.