14 May 2008

Family Friendly Posting

Annalia with Mommy (33 weeks)

So, we all know Annalia is the coolest kid in the world.  However, she is soon to have some pretty fierce competition.  Hence, the beginning of a new blog.  HibbsKids is your new source for all things Hibbard.  ENJOY!


Frankie, Marianna and Reyna said...

Having a kid sister is soooo much fun. You get to give her kisses, hugs, and help burp her. You can share your toys with her, even though she doesn't play with them much.

I can't wait until you and your "baby", and me with my "baby", can get together to play.

See ya,

Miriam said...

AWWW! I'm glad Annalia finally seems to be warming up to the idea of having a sister!